Monday, November 7, 2011

Habari from Tanzania!

Hello to everyone out there.. it's Vanessa here in Arusha. This week has been a busy one here at the school - students are preparing for the district examinations.. good luck to all the Form II's who begin writing them this week! The drought continues which has been stressful for everyone in the area (water is scarce, the price of maize, rice, and sugar is very high) so thankfully we had a good rainstorm today! Last week we focused on HIV/AIDS, other STD's, reproduction, and healthy relationships. On Tuesday, I held a seminar for all the boys at the school (~100) so that they could also have a chance to learn and to ask their questions in a comfortable and safe atmosphere. Questions and discussion abounded and it proved an excellent opportunity to waylay various misinformation (ie. one gets HIV from using a condom). It was amazing how thankful the students, male and female, were to have a chance to talk about this quite sensitive but vital information.

We brought up a group of teachers from St. Constantine's (a private international school here in Arusha) on Friday and Saturday as they were very keen to see the difference in teaching environments. A great experience - camping amidst the Maasai bomas and exploring the school in the morning.. many of the teachers were very surprised at the basic nature of the school and admired the staff here at Noonkodin (who really are amazing!)

I head back up to the school tomorrow as the road was washed out today, another busy week ahead! I hope all of you are well, more to come!

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